Friday, 30 October 2009

Another Brick in the Wall - Part Two

Hello. Over the past few weeks since my last post, bits and bobs have been delivered. As mentioned last time, I wanted to make a significant contribution everytime I post.

Unfortunately, my project has somewhat taken a back seat with all of the planning of going off to University. Other things that have taken up my time are (fingers crossed) "helping" the "old man" finish of some bits on his racer. I have also had the tiring task of offering encouragement to get his road bike done too. To summarise, everything is on the up. Positive mental attitude is getting us through the hard times.

His main bodywork is almost ready to collect from KAS who have been very generous in every interpretation of the word.

To avoid deviation from the main topic of this blog (my race scooter), I will update you on the current situation with all of my parts.

The Frame: Still with Chalkie White of Replay Scooters, Rothwell. It has been sand blasted and is awaiting the welding work to be done. Also over there is the GP Legsheilds and a Rear hub which have been sent for welding and skimming respectively.

All other parts: Being built up in numbers slowly but surely. Any parts that I haven't purchased and included on this blog are hopefully to be purchased at my local scooter fair or eBay.

One major area of purchase has been bodywork and thats what I seemingly have a lot of to show.

One very good quality tank:

Front Disc Brake Assembly:

Engine Housing:

Engine Cover:

Magneto Housing:

Three Sets of wheel Rims:

One Fiberglass Race Seat:

The rims have been taken for painting as there will be surplus stock in time. Otherwise, everything will pretty much stand still until I can get the frame back. I am really looking forward to getting this together.