Tuesday, 29 November 2011


In the two years that I haven't updated the project, there has actually been quite a few things that have been learnt. Not only have the parts changed around but some have even been rebuilt. However, I genuinely do believe that this has been a good use of my time. We all make mistakes and the more I make and learn from now, the safer I will be when I have to inevitably make a change at a race meeting.

With one scooter to strip and one to build, it almost seemed stupid to take parts from one and put them on another but my opinion soon changed. With ex-race 81 outside in the fresh air, I set out on the task of dismantling. Many items just came off but it wasn't long before I came across a problem in that of a brimming fuel tank! An unexpected bonus to find. It was a well kitted out machine despite being in need of a little TLC. There is not much at all on it that won't be used or at least kept for spares. One item that I knew would need work straight away was the front disc hub as I planned on using it.

Photos of the strip are below. Many thanks to Daz of DKS Team Replay for giving me the opportunity of purchasing the scooter. Really looking forward to racing next year.