Monday, 24 September 2012

Race Scooter: Final 2012 adjustments

Between Darley Moor and Cadwell Park there were a few things that needed to be sorted. For a start, the engine was stripped completely with the hope of solving the oil issue. The bike frame and bodywork was also given a well deserved polish after the rain at Darley Moor. I also used some liquid metal to improve a repair from earlier in its life.

In the process all parts were checked and cleaned. The crank had been rubbing on the magneto housing which as a result needed machining and the exhaust bracket required repair oncemore. The selector and spring were replaced as it had been jumping out of 2nd gear.

During the re-assembly a thicker gasket was used on the magneto housing and everything was meticulously put back together. I managed to fit the piston ring upside down (as the engine was upside down) but I noticed the mistake. However, it doesn't excuse me making the error twice!