Thursday, 10 September 2009

Another Brick in the Wall - Part One

I'm glad I've already had my rant about the Post Office to other people! I'm expecting some important parcels for my project to arrive shortly. However, I'm going to wet your appetite with some more of my purchased parts and save all of the "special" parts for another post.

I have to admit the parcel I recieved last week deserves an award! Just look at the magnificent artistry and the way the rolls of tape really make you think it's a parcel.

Anyhow this parcel contained some very useful parts. Although Indian parts often get a bad name, I have to admit I am impressed with the headset. The top is such a tight fit that it doesn't even need bolts to hold it on! The other part was the GP200 forks. Seriously though, in certain areas, it is nice to see a progression in the strength.

As everyone should do, I intend to dry build the scooter prior to painting. There are a lot more bodywork/chassis parts to be purchsed some of which I have or are on my list, and some of which are in the post!

I hope to make this build as comprehensive as possible and not just skip to the built product as many do. I also hope this blog will encourage people to consider racing and as stated, I am expecting many more parts so please watch this space.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Getting Started

Deciding to build a Scooter specifically for racing is not an easy decision and not one that should be done on a whim. However, after fully investigating the in's and the out's of each type, I decided to aim to build a Group 4 Standard Lambretta.

Although the option of an automatic was available, I wanted to really build my racer from the ground up in order to obtain a better understanding of the inner workings. In the end, the decision was easy; if I could provide a frame I would have access to lots of basic race parts through my dad.

My journey took me to ebay and the perfect frame popped up. I proudly won the bidding war starting 'the scooter obsession'. As you can see the frame was not in perfect nick but it was certainly a useable frame. It was puchased from ex-sprinter Stuart Owen and this Serveta frame is perfect for racing. It has strengthening on weak areas and lacks a battery tray.

After Purchasing the Stand Cross Member, I dismantled it. It has since been taken to a company for blast cleaning and I will have the fork tube shortened to GP length as well as some plating and the cross member welding on. Watch this space!