Race Scooter: V1.0


Paintwork: KAS Racepaint / Rattle Can hybrid
Carb: Dell'Orto VHSB 39mm
Ignition: Vespa Ignition conversion with lightened Flywheel
Crankshaft: Charlie Edmonds Full Circle Crank
Cylinder: Rapido 67mm Kegra tuned, improved by Replay Scooters
Cylinder head: MB Developments Large Head
Exhaust: Kegra tuned pipe
Transmission: Eight-plate clutch, LI150 gear cluster
Chassis: Ex Stuart Owen Serveta 200 Frame
Forks: Serveta forks with matching dampers
Front Brake: Nissin syle outboard disc
Rear Brake: Custom Draw4U operation pedal
Tyres: Duro, Sava and Dunlop
Rear Damper: Gaz Speed

BSSO Appearences:

Mallory Park - Test Day 2012
Mallory Park - Round Two 2012