Sunday, 29 January 2012

KAS Bodywork - Preparation Week Two

Things are really starting to come together now. I have been down to KAS Racepaint and finished off the preparation of my parts.

This involved wet sanding them with 320 grit paper and scotchbriting the difficult edges. However, all my parts have now been prepared and the residue cleaned. They sit in their box, awaiting the final coats. I managed to snap a few photos of the parts along my way and am finding my excitement brimming.

Gary took me along again which was great as all his stuff is at the same position as mine now, although I at least have had some of my parts back, hence the rolling chassis.

In other good news, I received my BSSO membership card this week, retaining my unused number, 79, from last year. This was a bit of a relief as I have already stuck on the numbers on some unseen parts! I have also got my Legsheilds back from Replay Scooters where they have been repaired. Looking forward to prepping these up for the temporary paint job. This will keep me busy...

Next week is going to be even more busy! After what is becoming the traditional Saturday morning KAS visit with Gary, I will be heading over to the BSSO AGM with my Dad and Chalkie. With lots of paintwork still to be sorted, I'd imagine that Sunday won't be much quieter.

Here are the progressed photos from the Racepaint visit.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

KAS Bodywork - Preparation Week One

As mentioned in the previous posts, I have already received a lot of items back from KAS Racepaint. However, there were a few parts that I still needed. As I have been exceptionally busy over the past few years, in the few opportunities I have had to help with the paintwork, time was always against me.

The great news is that today, after a morning of etch priming the panel-work is awaiting the last few steps to give it the professional finish as seen on the rest of my parts. The parts pre-paint have achieved their state by hours worth of work by myself, and the generosity of Paul at KAS Racepaint. They have seen welding, fiber-glassing and sanding over the course of a fair few weekends at the workshop. The legshields have been transformed from cast offs and the floorboards have been strengthened by Replay Scooters.

A big thankyou therefore to Paul and a special shout-out to Gary who did the spraying today. I'm looking forward to the sanding next week! In the meantime, here are some pictures of the prepped parts and the etch priming.