Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Two Year UPDATE !

Wow, just found this blog and it really doesn't seem two years since my last post. However, one advantage is that I have a lot more content to add over the coming weeks.

A lot of items have been taken to KAS Racepaint and I have recieved a substantial amount of these back. However, certain items have been replaced/re-sourced. For example the Forks are now the serveta type along with the dampers. The front hub has also been swapped for an outboard style alternative.

Upon visiting Chalkie at Replay Scooters I was presented with a built race scooter at a good price. Cut a long story short, the bike was delivered to me last week and I have been dismantling it for parts/spares. The purchase has really moved things on for me because I now have an engine which Chalkie is taking care of for me.

In past news, a year ago the team secured sponsorship from Ambivent Mechanical Services which gave a well needed boost to the team morale. It's great that a local company can get behind our cause.

All in all there is so much that has happened over the past two years. The team raced in the last race of 2011 and we had a shakedown of ideas and parts. It all looks positive for a two man team in 2012. Watch this space.